(Almost) Heartbroken on April 19th

530 days since we formally became a couple and 848 days since we decided to take on this journey together - it was almost over today. It started out casually with our morning conversation. When the crucial questions came about, we both realized we were tired. I was tired of waiting for answers, he was tired of the pressure to deliver. It was painful. We fought between sobs and laughter as we figured things out amicably. I never thought breakups can be diplomatic. We realized we will miss each other sorely, and that there was no one else we would rather spend the rest of our days with. He told me I make him happy, more than he could ever wish for. I have never been so open to him about my feelings. I asked all the questions I wanted to ask and he tried his best to answer. He laid out his plans. It was not very favorable to me but we will work that out. We will work things out, that's how we ended. And he told me, you are still my GF. I love him.


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